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Dr. Larry MacDonald

Larry MacDonald has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and over 30 years of experience RVing and freelance writing for various magazines, including MotorHome, Trailer Life, and Canadian RVinglds.

His book, RV Oopsies: 101 Dumb Things That RVers Do! is a compilation of ten years of research on RV mishaps, rated from “dumb” to “dumbest,” with helpful hints on how they could have been avoided. A “must-read” for all RVers, new and seasoned, wanting to save some grief and cash by learning what not to do while RVing.

In his next book, Travels with Elly: Reflections on Canada by an RVer and His Dog, the author travels from coast to coast in a trailer with his wife and pets, including their poodle, Elly, in order to gain a better understanding of his adopted country. An informative read for armchair travelers with a spirit of adventure, for those wanting to learn more about Canada, and for any cross-Canada traveler, especially RVers and dog lovers. Travels with Elly was selected as a finalist in the American Book Fest Best Books Awards.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Larry joined a dozen other MSI Press authors writing books to support those experiencing quarantine and closed cities. He wrote Diary of an RVer during Quarantine from the point of personal experience, living in an RV. As usual, with wit.