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Want to interview one of our authors?
Contact our marketing assistant, Brennan Meagher:


Authors looking for a publisher:

If you are currently working on a book, chances are we can help you with your publishing needs.

Authors with a strong publishing history and ready-made platforms:

To submit a book proposal, read our information for authors document and then, if you would like to explore working with us, fill out our book proposal template — do not omit information — and submit to

First-time authors and authors without a strong publishing history or without a ready-made platform — or whose books do not fall within the lines that we publish (see our catalogue):

To submit a book proposal to San Juan Books, our division that functions as a compromise between traditional publishing and assisted publication, read our General Information SJB, and then, if you want to explore working with us, fill out our book proposal template — do not omit information — and submit to, noting that this is a submission for San Juan Books.

With a few exceptions, the works of authors who have not published with us before are only accepted through our SJB division. However, any author is welcome to make a pitch to our traditional publishing staff.

Some statistics:

  • We accept unagented books, and the majority of our books have come directly from author proposals.
  • 86% of our authors hold traditional contracts with us.
  • 14% of our authors hold hybrid contracts; we are very happy to expand the number of hybrid authors who publish with us, but we do hold them to the same quality-of-writing standard that we expect from all of our authors, many of whom have won more than one award for their writing.
  • Of the proposals made to us, whether for a traditional contract of or for San Juan Books, approximatley 25% in any given year end up accepted. The most common reasons for non-acceptance have to do with poor homework on the part of the author: overly optimistic representation of the potential market (i.e. has not done the research to provide an accurate picture), poor writing (often grammatically accurate but simply flat, not able to pull in a reader), and, in a very few cases, a misunderstanding of the publishing field (unresearched and unrealistic expectations of the book market today, the role of the publisher, and the role of the author).
  • See B. L. Ham’s book, Publishing for Smarties: Finding a Publisher for an inside look on how acquisitions editors think. (PFS has been highly recommended by MidWest Book Review.)