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Travels with Elly: Reflections on Canada by an RVer and His Dog

Larry MacDonald

ISBN: 978-1-933455-08-2

This nonfiction book views Canada from a personal perspective, similar to John Steinbeck’s view of America in his 1960 book Travels with Charley. The author travels from coast to coast in a trailer with his wife and pets, including their Standard Poodle, Elly, in order to gain a better understanding of his adopted country. Interspersed between descriptions of history, cultures, places, and icons are the author’s reflections on various things such as Elly’s antics, signage, ferries, political injustice, environmental issues, and animal instincts. To provide a canine’s perspective, Elly reflects on things of interest to her, including cats, cows, and other critters…but especially cats!

Where was Canada’s first settlement? What is its prettiest town? When and where was its most devastating shipwreck? And who was its greatest hero? Find out by reading this account of the author’s journey through a unique and wondrous country, brimming with marvelous natural and man-made icons. But above all, the author’s interactions with its hospitable people make him justifiably proud to be Canadian. An informative read for armchair travelers with a spirit of adventure, for those wanting to learn more about Canada, and for any cross-Canada traveler, especially RVers and dog lovers.




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Recognition & Awards:

American Bookfest Best Books Award Finalist

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