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Joanna Charnas

Joanna J. Charnas, LCSW, is a Clinical Social Worker with over thirty years of experience as a licensed mental health provider. She received her master’s degree from Boston University School of Social Work in 1988 and has worked in numerous service sectors during her career, including homelessness, geriatrics, AIDS Service, long term care, and mental health. Joanna has retired from full-time employment in 2021, and now works part-time as a psychotherapist, and is enjoying retirement.

Joanna published on HuffPost Blog for two and a half years, and her writing has appeared in PopSugar, The San Francisco Review of Books, and SteadyHealth. She writes about a wide array of subjects including health and wellness, mental health, positivity, family issues, humor, dating and romance.

Joanna has a passion for films. Except during the height of the Pandemic, she has seen at least one movie a week in theaters since she was fourteen. This passion is reflected in her book, A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance.

More about her writing can be found at www.joannacharnas.com and on her blog at https://joannacharnas.wordpress.com/

Her first book, Living Well with Chronic Illness, was released August 25, 2015. It was the #1 Hot New Release in its category on Amazon.com and was an American Book Fest Award Finalist.

Her second book, 100 Tips and Tools for Managing Chronic Illness, was released in April 2018, won a Book Excellence Award.

Joanna’s third book, A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance, was published in June, 2020, and won the following three awards; Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention – autobiography/biography/memoir; Book Excellence Awards Finalist;
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (memoir.)

Her fourth book, Tips, Tools, and Anecdotes to Help during a Pandemic, was published in July, 2020.