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Living Well with Chronic Illness

ISBN: 978-1-933455-15-0; LCCN 2014955563

Living Well with Chronic Illness is a self-help guide for anyone who has a chronic illness or who knows and cares about someone else who does. The 20 chapters concisely address a comprehensive range of issues including daily routines, relationships, medical and legal services, a joyful life, and much more. In our hectic, information-laden world where the Internet places billions of contradictory facts at our fingertips, the straightforward content of this book is an alternative resource for people who want to feel better and don’t want to spend hours searching for answers. The tools inside, presented with compassion, humor, and a wealth of knowledge, are for those who want to apply and enjoy new health-promoting ideas immediately.

Living Well with Chronic Illness evolved from the author’s personal experience with chronic illness and 26 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.




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Living Well with Chronic Illness is a must read for those suffering from chronic illness. Besides offering valuable suggestions, it is a personal story of self realization and coming to terms with something not openly discussed. Her telling leaves me relieved in finding myself part of a community rather than alone with my own condition. I am grateful for having read this book.
– Daniel Hays, author of New York Times bestseller, My Old Man and the Sea
Full of valuable tips and resources that would benefit all afflicted with chronic illness and those who care about them.
– Deborah Bigelow, Library Journal


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