Savvy Author Academy Promotion and Marketing 101. From Published Book to Readers’ Hands

4-week online course with weekly discussion sessions on all aspects of getting a book into print. Individualized feedback. Limited to 10 participants, Next session begins Jan 6, 2020.















4-week introductory online course, synchronous and asynchronous, about promoting and marketing your book, whether still in production or languishing after publication, perhaps 2-3 years ago. Online hour for group questions, Mondays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. One hour free personal consultation to be arranged after completing all course requirements. Lots of hands-on learning activities. Focused on maximum individualization for your own book.Taught by a published author (more than two dozen books), experienced trainer (in more than 24 countries), editorial advisor to three leading academic presses, experienced copyeditor (more than 100 books), author advisor (more than 100 authors), and acquisitions & managing editor for MSI Press, one of the top book publishers in California–and one of the very few publishers in the USA that specializes in publishing first-time authors.

Class size limited to 10 participants for maximum personalization.

Framable certificate offered.

Enrollment accepted at any time, but course materials will be sent only with the start of the next course.


Week 1. Getting from Print to Readers. An overview of advertising and marketing activities.

Week 2. Book Launches and Events.

Week 3. Media, Social Media, and Mailing Lists

Week 4: Exhibits, Contests, and Reviews