Heart to Heart Resuscitation: A Memoir


On pre-order through October 30, 2023.



I have your six… The window of opportunity to make a difference for someone considering suicide can be a matter of seconds. The real-life stories in this book illustrate this tension dramatically. H2H Resuscitation—the book and the therapeutic model—provides encouragement and hope to overcome combat veterans’ immediate life-threatening depression and suicidal thoughts, the priority being to get veterans to safety.  “Oh, yes,” they hear on the other end of the phone line, “You do have a reason to live, and I will tell you why!”

Through subsequent mentoring and group therapy, these rescued veterans are mentored to develop the strength, determination, and support to get out of danger and pull their lives together.

The H2H Resuscitation model, designed by Vic Montgomery,

  • explores the psychological wounds of war, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury;
  • outlines warning signs of a veteran in distress;
  • examines the distinct issues facing women in the military;
  • provides an in-depth guide to veteran-related networks, organizations, and programs; and
  • offers uplifting, inspirational stories of rescue and redemption.