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The E & L Cognitive Construct: Supercharging Language Learning Success One Mind at a Time

Madeline Ehrman and Betty Lou Leaver

ISBN: 978-1-933455-40-2

The E&L Cgnitive Construct, designed by the later Dr .Madeline Ehrman and Dr. Betty Lou Leaver in 2002 to determine leanring preferences of foreign language learners, has been used to create thousands of successful students at US government institutions, including the Defense Language Institute and the Foreign Service Institute, and at a number of universities around the world. The construct was validated with 1300 students at the Foreign Service Institute in 2002-2005.

The constuct bundles together in a logical fashion the ten most important cognitive preference scales that had been proposed and validated earlier, organizing them into aa system of overlapping and related traits that gravitate toward one of two poles: synoptic (osmotic, unconscious learning) and ectenic (deliberative, conscioius learning).

This book relates various subscales to each other in quandrangular fashion, describes profiles that are predictive of language learning success (or challenges), pinpoints the conflicts that can arise between teaching and learning styles, and makes concrete suggestions for using the construct to improve the learning success of individual students and whole classes.

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