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Lessons of Labor: One Woman’s Self-Discovery through Labor and Motherhood

ISBN: 978-1-933455-92-1

What if instead of trying to avoid the pain and uncertainty of labor, we asked what we could learn from it? In telling the intimate birth stories of her three children and miscarriage, Julia shows us how giving birth can be one of motherhood’s (and life’s) greatest teachers. Rather than giving advice on how to labor or how to parent, this book consistently offers the message that a woman can grow through the challenges that life presents her and learn to trust herself. For women who share a tendency for “getting it right,” this honest and unguarded memoir is a reminder that the pretense of control is no match for the freedom of letting go.

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Featured Review in the Spring 2015 issue of Foreword Reviews

Podcast with MSI Press Editor: podcast with Julia Aziz 02 2020

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“Before giving birth for the first time, I was warned that labor would be the most painful physical experience I would ever endure, but no one ever told me that I would be entering into battle with my mind. No one explained that the pain of labor was just as much about facing my inner demons and giving up control as it was about physical discomfort. I also didn’t know that I would keep learning from the experience for the rest of my life.”