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Jesus Is Still Passing By with Secrets to a Victorious Life: study guide edition

J. Bennett Easterling

ISBN: 978-1942891963

Jesus has not limited his miracles to people who lived when he was on earth. Today, miracles continue–and nearly every day someone somewhere reports one.This book, written by award-winning author Bennett Easterling, shines a welcome new light on the miracles of Jesus. Thirty-six miracles are highlighted, then supplemented with helpful background information. Real-life applications applying to our lives today are drawn from each miracle, including powerful true stories of God reaching down and touching people today in miraculous ways. One or two questions are given at the end of each story to help readers reflect on their own faith journey. Readers will find this refreshing new book ideal for both individual devotions and group Bible studies.

This is the study guide edition, cited by MidWest Book Review as “ideal for both individual devotions and group Bible studies for all members of the Christian community regardless of denominational affiliations.”


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2019 Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner