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Everybody’s Little Book of Everyday Prayers

Cynthia MacGregor

ISBN: 9781933455785

People are often at a loss to find the right words to say in prayer. Whether you’re a believer but unchurched or are a devout member of a religion, if you wish to expand your home worship, finding the right words to say to God can be a problematic issue.  The prayers in Everybody’s Little Book of Everyday Prayers are nonsectarian—suited for Protestants, Jews, and Catholics, as well as unaffiliated deists who believe in God but not in organized religion. They cover a raft of occasions on which individuals or families may wish to say a prayer. If prayer is an integral part of your life, or you would like it to be, you’ll find the help you want in Everybody’s Little Book of Everyday Prayers.

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Recognition & Awards:

5 stars. Netgalley.

Edition 2. Kindle Paper


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“This book is a keeper. It gets to the heart of our communication
with God.” (Rev. Grant A. Houser, M. Th.)
“Even if you already have a book of prayers, formal or otherwise,
this is a wonderful addition to treasure in your collection.” (Rev.
Gloria Stanchak Alexander)

“Very enjoyable….I loved this treasure! I will share this with my clients.” 5 stars (Annie McDonnell, Netgalley reviewer)


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