The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired: How I (Barely) Survived a Year in Corporate America


A popular memoir of life in Corporate America, job hunting, and business humor, written by a middle-aged mom.



You’re 52. Divorced. Single mom to a teenaged son and a tween daughter. Happily self-employed but worried about the cost of health insurance, the inevitable impact of perimenopause on your body, and whether you should keep dating a sexy plumber who’s sweet and funny but lives an hour away and doesn’t seem that into you.

So, after 22 years of fulltime freelancing, you take a day job as a tiny, creaky cog in the corporate American machine where you’re decades older than most of your coworkers – and you write about it. The Book That (Almost) Got Me Fired: A Year in Corporate America is an entertaining, midlife memoir that shares what (and what not) to do when you make that corporate leap.