Practices That Work: Bringing Learners to Professional Proficiency in World Languages


Recipes for the paths to native-like proficiency.


The many and varied demands of the digital age require cadres of professionals capable of collaborating effectively and engaging globally in the world’s languages and cultures. This volume represents a collection of classroom- and field-tested practices used to prepare global professions to the highest standards of proficiency in their languages in order to meet these global challenges. Culled from faculty of government, private, and state educational programs, these “practices that work” offer the language practitioner a selection of “recipes” for helping language learners attain near-native professional proficiency. The techniques and practices offered in these pages can be incorporated and used in virtually any curriculum or learning environment and are highly learner centered. The path to native-like proficiency in world languages can be demanding, but this volume can help make it more productive and enjoyable.