Passing On: How to Prepare Ourselves for the Afterlife


Important questions about the afterlife and preparation for it.

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Existence makes sense only if we include the afterlife as part of our history.

Scientists are exploring the concept that life, including what is called the afterlife, may not be as we perceive it. New discoveries having to do with the simultaneous nature of time and the relativity of space coincide dramatically with the testimony of Near-Death Experience (NDE) survivors. The question is, where does our energy go and how much of our identity goes with it?

Passing On: How to Prepare Ourselves for the Afterlife attempts to shed light on these questions and many others, such as:

  • Do we meet up with loved ones after we pass on?
  • Do we take form as a physical entity or are we pure essence?
  • Do time and space exist in the afterlife, and:
  • What are the characteristics of the afterlife—is it as joyful, loving and forgiving as those who have undergone a Near-Death Experience claim?

This book is for people of all ages who are interested in a future beyond earthly existence, and what can be done to prepare ourselves for it!