Parenting in a Pandemic


A guide to all the roles parents must play during a quarantine/pandemic.












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Parenting has always been a challenge. Under normal circumstances, the average parent is over-worked, under-slept, perpetually worried, and stressed to the point of visible aging. This was true long before we ever heard of the coronavirus. We now refer to that life as “the good old days.”


Courtesy of the pandemic, parents now have to navigate a wide variety of different responsibilities, trading our “parent” hat for ones that say “teacher,” “bouncer,” “triage nurse,” and more. This book helps you navigate parenting in a pandemic without having a teacher’s license, years of self-defense training, or a medical degree. For each role, you’ll get the wisdom of experts who are actually in that field, a guide for how to apply this knowledge to parenting, as well as some tricks of the trade that will help you and your kids survive the pandemic as smoothly as possible.