How to Improve Your Foreign Language Immediately (hard cover)


Seven tools to dramatically increase the effectiveness of language use.






How to Improve Your Foreign Language Immediately is the fifth edition of a “highly recommended” book that readers repeatedly rate as 5 stars.

“Shekhtman’s ‘rules of communication’ are designed to build a relationship between a foreigner, who is learning a new language, and the native speaker who is already in command of that language. Recognizing the inequality in such a relationship, Shekhtman works to close the gap, to level the playing field so that communication can flow more naturally.” Tara Sonenshine, Contributing Editor for Newsweek Magazine/Former White House Assistant National Security Advisor.

“I have studied numerous languages (French, Spanish, and German) and this was by far the most effective language training that I have ever undertaken.” Elizabeth D. Sherwood, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Eurasia

“This method has helped countless foreign correspondents, including many of our predecessors at the New York Times. It proved invaluable to us.” Alessandra Stanley, Correspondent, The New York Times