Affiliate: The Girl Who Lost Her Compass (Marie Shantie)


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It’s a tragic story about love, addiction, about a girl growing up in Soviet Union in a poor family and getting herself in bad dangerous situations due to the lack of moral values and lack of family support. Will she be able to overcome addiction, will she continue getting herself in trouble after she moves to the United States? Will she trap herself there again or obtain freedom? Will she be able to stay strong and keep her hunger for life despite her trauma and loss?

The author of the novella, just like her heroine, was born and raised in the Soviet Union and emigrated to the United States in the late 1990s. The author is a practicing licensed psychotherapist, for many years she has been working with mentally ill people and with drug and alcohol addiction patients. Therefore, one of her tasks, already as a writer, was to more deeply reveal the problem of addiction and, possibly, influence the prejudice against those who could not cope with life’s difficulties, did not find internal and external support, and therefore turned to drugs. The author, from her own experience of working with addicts, knows that it is possible to defeat the disease, and, moreover, tells how to do it.

Although this work is not autobiographical, some of the events described could have actually happened. Which ones – let it remain a mystery.
The novella is fast paced, with psychological insights; it is written in Russian language and the English version is soon to be released. The story is written in modern yet correct Russian (which is rare nowadays), and therefore, can be used for learning the language.