Affiliate: An Interpretative Introduction to Western Religions


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This book is an antidote to contemporary philosophical, religious-spiritual markets and trappings. The book details the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual subtleties and complexities that exist and are experienced on the quest towards wisdom: the qualities that teachers of wisdom must possess, what is expected from seekers after truth, the teacher-student relationship, the importance of love, the stages of spiritual evolution, and the nature of a spiritual community. This book offers a rare and uncommon glimpse into the inner or esoteric dimensions of the three great Western religious traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Using everyday language and examples, the book offers understandable accounts of some of the core and complex practices and teachings of these great traditions. Those interested in journeying the spiritual path, given the enormously complicated contemporary social and political worlds, will find the insights in this book refreshing and thought-provoking.

By Dr. Amir Sabzevary, MSI Press author of Introductory Lectures on Religious Philosophy.