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Weekly Soul: Fifty-two Meditations on Meaningful, Joyful, and Peaceful Living

Frederic C. Craigie Jr., Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1950328475

Weekly Soul is a collection of 52 meditations on meaningful, joyful and peaceful living. The meditations begin with thought-provoking quotations from a range of people–writers, journalists, theologians, musicians and artists, activists–and touch on themes of Miracles, Aliveness, Purpose, Laughter and Joy, Presence/Mindfulness, Activism, Acceptance, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Creativity, Civility, and Hope. Each meditation also offers Dr. Craigie’s stories and commentary, questions for individual and group reflection, suggestions for daily follow-up, and biographical background on the quotation authors. In Weekly Soul, readers will find a year’s worth of affirmation and engaging exploration of wholeness and well-being.





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Recommended by US Review of Books


Book of the Year Award Winner (gold), Mind, Body, Soul 2020American Book Fest Best Book Award, Finalist, Spiritual: Inspiration, 2021
Silver Medal, Reader Views Literary Awards, Mind/Body/Spirit 2020
Silver Medal, Reader Views Literary Awards, Religion 2020
Honorable Mention Inspiration and Motivation, Kops-Fetherling International Books Award 2020
National Indie Excellence Award, Well-Being 2022
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Inspirational, 2023



There is nothing usual or ordinary about Fred Craigie’s rich, compelling invitation to explore who we are and what matters to us. It’s insanely readable, this beautifully organized mashup of poetry, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. (Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD; Author of Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal; Publisher of the Health Journeys guided imagery & meditation audio collection)