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Understanding the Analyst: Socionics in Everyday Life

Kacee Quinelle

ISBN: 978-1942891666

Somewhat akin to the MBTI INTJ personality type, the Analyst in Jung-based Socionics reminds one of Madame Curie, Descartes, or Dr. Spock of “Star Trek” fame. This little book helps the Analyst personality type and those around him/her understand the Analyst as a personality and in relationships with others: parents, children, teachers students, colleagues, and friends.

Through examples of home, school, work, and leisure situations, this book explores the sources of moments of deep attachment and deep pain when Analysts come into contact with non-Analysts and provides both Analysts and non-Analysts suggestions for developing comfortable, happy, and successful relationships.

A companion to Ekaterina Filatova’s book, Understanding the People around You.

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