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Surviving Freshman Year

Gregory Jones

ISBN: 9781957354163

Surviving Freshman Year follows a group of Christian students through their first year of college. Each session describes a decision a student faces and provides biblical wisdom addressing the decision. By using the scripture and discussion questions for each chapter, this book will help students answer the question, “Is the Bible still relevant today?” Students looking for something both real and authentic will find that the Bible is both of these and absolutely relevant today.

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Recognition & Awards:

Literary Titan Gold Award
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (religion)

Surviving Freshman Year introduces readers to real life scenarios involving the “exciting and scary” experience of college freshmen. With Biblical quotes and questions exploring Christian values, it challenges students to incorporate those values in their social interactions—with lessons suitable for college and the rest of their adult lives. Easy to understand and not preachy, Surviving Freshman Year can be a most valuable resource for those preparing for all the wonders and apprehension of what is, for many, the first experience of independent, adult life away from home. – Arthur Yavelberg, author, A Theology for the Rest of Us