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Survival of the Caregiver: A Treasury of ABC Self-Help Words That Give Encouragement and Support to the Caregiver

ISBN: 978-1-942891-06-2

“Survival of the Caregiver” is the result of all the author’s ins and outs, ups and downs of caring for her husband for 20 years when he had Parkinson’s Disease, followed by Dementia. This book is written from the heart. It is as personal as it is informative. The author chose to use an alphabetical list of topics so that a busy caregiver can refer to a special need quickly. It is the author’s hope that this book will aid other caregivers in their sad, but meaningful journey with their loved one.

From the author:

““Doctors who write technical books sympathize with your circumstances and say they understand, but the only one who can really relate to what the caregiver’s life is like, day in and day out, is another person, walking in a pair of caregiver’s shoes.”

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