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Recovering from Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Stalking

Joanna Romer

ISBN: 978-1942891321

Recovering from Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Stalking shares the true stories of women who overcame traumatic personal situations and began new lives. The author provides meaningful analysis on such topics as regaining self-esteem, dealing with fear, and handling remorse. Also included is advice from therapists on how survivors can heal themselves, and avoid the pitfalls of becoming entrapped in another abusive relationship.

This book is for you if you’ve been the victim of domestic violence, abuse, or stalking, or if your mother, sister or friend has been victimized. The experiences covered range from verbal abuse to murder. Recovering from Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Stalking is an essential guide for those who have escaped a dangerous situation, or are trying to recover from the loss of a loved one due to domestic violence.



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