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One Family: Indivisible: a spiritual memoir

Steven Greenebaum, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1933455464

Humanity is astonishingly diverse, and that reality can be at the same moment both beautiful and disconcerting. One of our greatest challenges as a species has been and continues to be how to hold with respect our almost endless diversity while at the same time recognizing our common humanity. How can we come together? Where do we even begin? This book describes how and why a child born into a Jewish family, who still walks the path of Judaism, grew up to become an Interfaith minister who calls all of humanity his family.

Engagingly invites the reader into the deeply spiritual journey of the author to find a way to acknowledge differences without dividing ourselves into competing tribes.


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Recognition & Awards:

Eric Hoffer Award Category Finalist 2021

American Book Fest Best Books Award (Religion) Finalist 2019

RECOMMENDED by US Review of Books, 2022

“Unreservedly recommended” MidWest Book Review 2021