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Of God, Rattlesnakes, and Okra

ISBN: 9781933455754

A heaping slice of old-fashioned Southern storytelling, this book gives readers a taste of genuine American life that will keep them coming back for more. Join the journey as a preacher’s kid survives his father’s stern discipline, rattlesnakes, and harvesting okra. The deep-fried characters are unforgettable, and the furry and feathered folks will steal the heart of animal lovers. Soaked in faith, people survived the lean, mean times, thanks to the velvet hearts they carried under their calluses, hard work, the good sense to laugh at themselves, and, often, the hand of God. What a delightful legacy they left us! Once you pick up this book, you’ll be pleading, “Don’t stop now and don’t ever grow up!”

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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

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