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Living in Blue Sky Mind: Basic Buddhist Teachings for a Happy Life

Richard Gentei Diedrichs

ISBN: 9781942891161

We live with minds as open and spacious as the deep blue sky. Living in Blue Sky Mind presents basic Buddhist teachings that keep us on the wholesome path of self-realization toward a happy life.  Zen priest and teacher Richard Diedrichs offers simple lessons, anecdotes of personal transformation, and reflective questions to guide us along Buddha’s enlightened way, such as– “Buddha advised that we not speak with malice if we want to create connection and happiness around us;”– “We learn that to be happy, we need to end our suffering and the suffering of those around us;” and– “We are fortunate to have a way to be happy with what we have and with who we are.”

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Recognition & Awards:

Selected for the Buddhist Studies Shelf for Wisconsin Bookwatch (MidWest Book Review), July 2016


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