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Lamentations of the Heart – Mingled with Peace and Joy

Marti Wells-Smith

ISBN: 978-1-950328-75-8

Lamentations of the Heart soulfully combines contemporary free verse poetry and nonfictional prose to tell the story of one mother’s grief following the death of her only child. The author interweaves scriptural passages with the inevitable struggles to accept and make sense of her new reality. All of it reveals the unending love for family that remains.

Written to reach out to others who have experienced similar pain, it moves upon the uneven, wavering pattern of great emotion, along a tumultuous path blessed with signs and wonders —


  • an unwanted journey
  • a tapestry of life
  • healing begins


“The author speaks from her heart and touched mine as I read, shedding a few tears along the way.” (Jan Hedges, Owner, Hedgehog INK! Bookstore)



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