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It Only Hurts When I Can’t Run: One Girl’s Story

ISBN: 978-1-933455-80-8

Abandoned, neglected and beaten by a mother who really did care about her but suffered from her own demons and addictions, left with friends and relatives, as well as placed in foster homes, molested and raped on more than one occasion, including by men considered upright, the little girl who grew up to become an educator, minister, and entrepreneur learned to survive by running away again and again. This heartbreaking and heartwarming story, told with courageous frankness, reveals a deep trust in God that, in the long run, promoted an unbelievable resilience, allowing a young girl, turned young woman, to forgive those who hurt her and to reach out to all those who hurt with a message of healing and hope.



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Short excerpt
He said, “Sssssssh be quiet, do not say anything, it will not hurt you. Just relax and be calm. It won’t take long. Ooooh, aaaahhhh you are so good. Just stay still, don’t move. I won’t hurt you, I promise. I will not hurt you.”
My tears rolled down one cheek and into my ear. I drew back trying to get away…….