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Intrepid: Fearless Immigrant from Jordan to America

Carl D. Leaver

Betty Lou Leaver

ISBN: 978-1-942891-36-9

Everyone should have a cat that captures the heart and captivates the imagination. That is what Intrepid did for us.

Carl and Betty Lou Leaver have rescued dozens of
cats in Amman and California, integrating new cates
into already-integrated families. They have had as
many six formerly feral cats sharing their home at a
time, peacefully, though they will tell you that this
state is not achieved easily or quickly


Carl Leaver is a former forester and former wildlife photographer, who has enjoyed taking pictures of Intrepid and his adopted siblings. A computer graphics specialist, he works as typesetter and cover designer for MSI Press. He most recently edited the MSI Press book, Overcoming the Odds.

Betty Lou Leaver is a former educational administrator and a current life coach and cross-cultural consultant for US government agencies and others. She has written more than two dozen books, published by a variety of presses, and answers cat questions on Quora.


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