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Fields of the Mind: History, Theory, and Application of Cognitive Fields Concepts to Language Learning

Andrew Corin
Betty Lou Leaver

ISBN: 978-1-933455-35-8

This book looks at the field dependence-field independence construct that has been theorized, researched, applied, and discussed for more than 50 years, in some cases raising more questions than answering questions. This is the case especially in the area of langauge learning and teaching. Add to the difficulties in applying to language what was initially a space orientation preference the possibility that the FDI construct may have been conflated with another kind of field difference: field sensitivity. This creates a theoretical situation in which FDIS forms a quadrant of possibilities when it comes to preference for strategies and approaches in learning languages and what teachers can do to facilitate instruction within each FDIS quadrant.

This book reviews the history and proposes advancs in theory. In addition, it provides concrete examples of sucessful application for learners and for teachers.

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