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Choice and Structure for Children with Autism: Second Edition

Colette McNeil

ISBN: ‎ 978-1957354187

How are you and your child with autism managing at home? Are you productively juggling or really struggling? Is your daughter playing throughout your home or staying alone? During interactions, is your son engaged or enraged? Are your toys being enjoyed or does your child get annoyed? After most days do you feel celebrated or devastated?

If you are struggling, this little book offers support in improving focus, engagement, and cooperation. Strategies include ways to offer thoughtfully chosen choice and structure when engaging with autistic children.

Parents of children with autism are certain to find this book helpful!


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Recognition & Awards:

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award (parenting)

Edition 1: Winner of Readers’ Views Gold Award for Education

Edition 1: Winner of Readers’ Views Silver Award for Parenting