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Dr. Susan Jane

Susan Jane, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a writer and a supporter of falsely accused priests. She is also a Roman Catholic parishioner, a catechist, leader of a prayer & faith formation group, and a member of a lay Franciscan order. She has two books, Accused: How to Help When Your Priest Is in Trouble and Abandoned (for accused priests) that are planned for release in Fall 2015 and another int he works, which keeps her busy splashing ink and crumpling paper. She has some of the most extensive, personal experience in this area, having supported three falsely accused priests: one who was exonerated early in the process, one who was exonerated but not returned to ministry, and one, for whom she testified, who was found not guilty by a jury in a criminal court case. She is well positioned to write these books, but she wishes to remain anonymous because priest support is not popularly accepted and she has experienced some negative repercussions.